As We Are

“We could bang on about this fantastic series for days… Charming, funny and toe-curlingly awkward at times – with great music to boot – As We Are is definitely one to watch”  – DIVA Magazine

After watching ‘Her Story’, an inspiring series about the lives of trans women in America, and reading about the transphobic response it generated from within the LGB community, I decided to explore the way some cis gay and bisexual women view people with a trans experience.  ‘As We Are’ is about unintentional transphobia, and the lack of knowledge that can surround trans issues. The response to it has been amazing, with a total YouTube view count for the four episodes currently at almost 120,000. Over the first twelve months of its release, it was selected for 13 festivals and scooped some great awards. It was my debut as director and producer.